Kelly - Director & Founder

About Kelly

I opened my Skin Clinic, Kelly Rose Skincare & Aesthetics in 2018 after suffering from inflammatory cystic acne, post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and post-acne scarring in my early 20s.

In 2022 I decided to take the business in a different direction, to be able to help women across the UK with their skin, and not be confined to those in my local area.

In my early 20’s I spent thousands of pounds trying every product, treatment, lotion and tablet to treat my acne, I finally discovered Cosmeceutical Skincare, and it made the world of difference to my skin.

With no exaggeration, it changed my life!

My skin was no longer itchy, inflamed, red, sore, and full of cystic lumps and breakouts. I no longer had to worry about putting on layers upon layers of make-up to cover up my skin to step out of the house.

I spend countless hours researching and trying different products and to bring you the most innovative and advanced products and ingredients on the market, to give you the best results possible for your skin, direct to your door.

I’ve helped hundreds of women achieve the skin they’ve always wanted and I’m passionate about educating women about their skin. I specialise in creating a bespoke skincare routine for you through my Virtual Consultations, where we explore your skin in-depth. Our customers often don’t realise that their skin can be a reflection of not just what we are using on our skin, but what’s going on with in – from stress, to hormones to gut issues, these can all affect our skin.

I specialise in a unique approach to help your skin from the outside, in.

My knowledge, experience and the brands we partner with give confidence to our customers that they will receive nothing but the best service and products every single time.

Every one of our customers is treated as an individual, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to your skin – your skin is unique and needs a bespoke approach. We dedicate the time to listen to the results you want to see from your products and give you a personalised award-winning service every time.

It takes years of experience and knowledge to get the results we achieve for our clients' skin – you’re in the safest hands with us.

If you’re ready to tackle a skin issue you’ve been trying to combat for years and are ready to try products that really work or just want to use the right products for your skin, get in touch today and my team and I will be glad to help you.

Kelly x

Kelly is a multi-award winning skin therapist, was crowned Skincare Specialist of the Year 2022 and is an official DermaQuest and Image Skincare Brand Partner.