Kelly Rose Skin & Aesthetics is a multi-award winning skin clinic in Kent. We placed in the Top 20 across all UK salons at the UK Hair & Beauty Awards in 2021.

Our knowledge, experience, and the brands we partner with, give you the confidence that you will receive nothing but the best service and treatments every single visit.

The team is completely focused on getting you the results you want for your skin, and we have helped thousands of women, many whom thought they had tried everything, to discover there is a solution.

The Healing Hands

Kelly - Director & Founder

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Kelly - Founder and Owner

Lucy Senior Skin Therapist

Lucy joined Kelly Rose Skincare & Aesthetics in June 2021 as our Senior Beauty Therapist. Qualified in all Level 2 and Level 3 Skincare Treatments as well as Dermaplaning, Microneedling and Swedish and Hot Stone Massages. Clients love Lucy’s friendly and relaxing atmosphere she brings to all treatments as well as her skincare expertise. Lucy consistently receives 5 star reviews from clients who enjoy Lucy’s treatments so much, they come back time and time again.

Lucy is also studying for her AET Teaching Qualification in Skincare.

Lucy - Senior Beauty Therapist

Lindsey - OperationsManagerHeadshot_0051

Lindsey joined Kelly Rose Skincare & Aesthetics in September 2021 after spending over 40 years in the legal sector. Lindsey is responsible for managing the running of Kelly Rose Skincare & Aesthetics to ensure the business runs smoothly, from managing day-to-day operations to running the online shop. Lindsey enjoys her varied role and enjoys speaking to and helping clients over phone and e-mail.

Lindsey - Operations Manager

Brands we believe in



Clinicare focuses on high quality products that have been rigorously tested, with scientifically proven ingredients. The affordable range is great for anyone new to cosmeceutical skincare. Their 3 ranges Pure, Refresh and Glow focus on treating acne, breakouts, ageing and pigmentation.



Dermaquest is the global leading skincare providers and we love that they are headed up by a chemist. They specialise in plant stem cell technology and advanced delivery into the skin. Dermaquest formulate ranges to suit all skin concerns so we can tailor our recommendations specifically to you.


Image Skincare

IMAGE Skincare is a clinical cosmeceutical brand powered by proven ingredients and smart botanicals. Their holistic products are free from parabens and other chemical preservatives, focusing on effective formulas to help tackle all of your skincare concerns.


Million Dollar Facial

Our clients really do feel a million dollars thanks to the results of this renowned facial. Using the unique system and the specially selected products our therapists repair the skin from the outside in. Treatment includes deep exfoliation, flushing toxins and stimulating natural collagen production to brighten, tighten and restore your glow.


Kelly Rose Advanced Skincare

We've used all of our experience to create a luxurious skincare range that you will adore. The Kelly Rose Skincare range uses the finest natural ingredients for superior results for your skin. We specialise in both face and body products for superior head-to-toe skincare.