At Kelly Rose Skincare, we specialise in helping clients who are left with scarring post-acne. Choosing the right skincare products to strength the skins barrier and repair loss of collagen and elastin is key to help reduce post-acne scarring. This can include pitted scarring such as ice pick scars and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (red/pink marks left on the skin after acne and breakouts).

Our range of treatments and cosmeceutical skincare products will ensure you get the very best results for your skin.

We recommend booking in a Virtual Consultation with Kelly so she can thoroughly assess your skin and factors that may be contributing to your skin concerns. These in depth consultations last around 60 minutes and customers always comment on how relived their feel afterwards, knowing that there are solutions out there to help reduce and prevent their acne long-term.

Real Women, Real Results

Ellen's Story

Ellen first came to Kelly Rose Skincare & Aesthetics in July 2020 looking for solutions to reduce the breakouts she had been suffering for many years, and to improve the leftover pitted scarring from teenage acne breakouts.

Ellen noticed the scarring more after applying makeup, as it was sit into the scarring.

After Ellen's initial consultation, we carried out a course of DermaQuest Resurfacer Peel treatments to reduce and prevent further breakouts. after successfully treating her breakouts she has since moved onto Microneedling treatments with us the remaining pitted scarring.

We asked Ellen to describe how she has found her experience with Kelly Rose Skincare & Aesthetics, she said: "I haven't had any breakouts now for some time, which is a big thing as I've never really had that before".

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