Kirsty's Story

Kirsty first came to Kelly Rose Skincare & Aesthetics in February 2020 suffering with inflammation of the skin and breakouts after going though an extremely stressful time in her life.

She was part of the first group of women who tried our incredible NeoElegance Lumineo LED Light Therapy machine and the results speak for themselves! Kirsty had 1 treatment a week for 6 weeks which transformed her skin.

We asked Kirsty to describe how she has found her experience with Kelly Rose Skincare & Aesthetics, she said: "You made me feel like everything was going to be OK at a difficult time in my life and I cannot thank you enough."  

We know how skin can affect us emotionally and mentally as well as physically. We don't just transform skin, we transform people's confidence and lives.

Kirsty Before and After

Kirsty before and after

Up Close and Personal

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